Anonymous said: okay u are so perfect i really wanna be you, u're gorgeous u dress amazingly u meet celebrities u have fun and travel around the world and have an amazing family n amazing car n amazing hair i want to be you i want everything u have k ,Peace out ✌

OH.MY.GOD I seriously have no idea who this could or how you know all this stuff about me but THANK YOU SO MUCHThat made my whole entire day and even week!!! Idk if youre joking or how you even found this tumblr I stopped using it a while ago!! But I love you and youre a great person and there should be more of you in this world <3

Thursday Jul 7 @ 12:29am
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Monday Jun 6 @ 06:46pm


top pretty little liars characters caleb rivers

Monday Jun 6 @ 06:36pm

First and last lines of the trio.

Monday Jun 6 @ 06:12pm
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Ezria + hands

Saturday Jun 6 @ 05:29am

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